Ready to Travel? What to Pack

Finally the date of the trip is just around the block, maybe it’s gonna be a three month trip around Asia, a year in Australia, or just a one way ticket somewhere, anyways, you have to pack. Questions start to come up, backpack or suitcase? How many t-shirts? How many pairs of shoes? Will I be missing something? Continue Reading...


Taste of Youth

He was walking back home from the library when he decided to stop and buy a couple of beers. He hadn’t been able to focus all afternoon, this thing, the thing that could change his life forever kept spinning around his mind. He thought a beer would help him relax a bit.

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Why this blog?

This is a blog about passions. From traveling, to sports, to everyday stories. Life can be lived in many different ways, following different paths and changing when we decide to, but in all these steps passions should be present. It's through them that we find not distractions, but true meaning in our lives. That's why I wanted a blog that allowed me to write about whatever I wanted, not just a topic in particular, but about all those things that make my heart beat faster.



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