Taste of Youth

He was walking back home from the library when he decided to stop and buy a couple of beers. He hadn’t been able to focus all afternoon, this thing, the thing that could change his life forever kept spinning around his mind. He thought a beer would help him relax a bit.


Once in his apartment he sat down in the balcony. The sun was setting, there was a gentle breeze and it was a fine spring afternoon. Right when he was about to open the beer someone called.


His heart started beating faster and as he took the phone out from his pocket his hands started shaking; he wasn’t far away from shivering uncontrollably. Still, he answered.


“Hey”, he said feebly. For a week he had been panicking every time they spoke, she had no news yet and he just couldn’t stop thinking about it. He wanted an answer, but was afraid of not getting the one he hoped.


“Hey, I just wanted to let you know that we’re fine, I just had my period. Finally”, she said in a shy voice.


“Oh man that’s good news,” he added with a shaky voice, unable to get over the initial fright.


“Yeah, it’s really good news. I panicked for a long time this was one hell of a scare, but we’re past it”, she paused for a few seconds; “I wanted to let you know I would’ve kept him”.


“Me too”, he genuinely said.


“Bye, I’ll see you next week I guess”, and then she hung up.


He exhaled, still moved by what had just happened. He opened the beer and before trying it, repeated to himself: “I would have kept him too”. That’s why his first sip didn’t taste like beer, but like youth.


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